Epiclay is an innovative modular green wall system, which makes green walls as accessible as possible, by reducing price and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Besides the reduction of maintenance costs, Epiclay brings true sustainability to your facade: No green-washing, no artificial plants – only a beautiful and low-maintenance way to improve your building! Furthermore, Epiclay tiles can be adapted to many more facades than traditional green walls, since our solution is very light-weight too!

Epiclay uses a special and innovative material and plant-mix, which allows us to create our tiles without any soil needed. Furthermore, Epiclay green walls grow mainly with rainwater and air humidity, without the need of manual watering.

Epiclay reduces on-going maintenance costs mainly by reducing air conditioning costs, through the increased thermal insulation. However, there are also indirect benefits to the society – such as decreased health costs, by reducing air pollution.

Epiclay tiles have three main benefits:

  1. Reduces air pollution, by filtering out micro-particles and pollutants
  2. Increasing energy efficiency, by increasing the buildings thermal insulation & thus decreasing air conditioning costs
  3. Increased noise cancellation. In fact, green walls can reduce ambient noise by up to 49 decibels .

No. Epiclay uses a special plant-mix, with especially weather-resistant plants. We use local plants and our plant-mix is adapted to each climate zone.

In most cases, yes. Epiclay is designed in such a way, that it is especially light-weight and thus has a minimal influence on the facade structure and static.