Why Vertical Greening is the Most Efficient Way to Green Cities

Epiclay green wall_Terrace Closeup View

Increasing levels of toxic pollutants in the air and rising temperatures which cause severe discomfort call for immediate solutions. One option is to re-introduce greenery to urban jungles. As we all know, nature provides many benefits not only for humans but also for the overall environment. 

How to bring nature back to cities

There are various ways to add greenery to city landscapes – for instance by building parks, creating green spaces, planting trees, and more. However, all these solutions require much space which is already scarce in urban jungles. Thus, implementing these measures is easier said than done. Additionally, these solutions, but especially trees, often go at the expense of other crucial infrastructures such as walkways, bike lanes, and parking spaces. Therefore, vertical greening systems – such as the Epiclay green walls – are the most effective and space-efficient way to green cities. 

Trees vs Epiclay green walls

Planting trees is one option to bring nature back to cities. At the moment, there are 500,000 trees in Vienna. Nevertheless, planting them comes with many difficulties. First, they can’t be planted on plastered streets. Furthermore, trees can only be planted 10 to 12 square meters apart from each other because the crown takes up that much space. Moreover, they tend to trap pollutants into their roots, which contaminates the soil over time. On top of that, many trees need 30+ years until they are grown.

However, Epiclay green walls help to reduce pollution in a shorter time. In fact, there are 120 million square meters of greenable facades in Vienna alone. Since there are a plethora of buildings in cities, carbon emissions can be cut effectively and efficiently with green walls. This is especially true for Epiclay green walls as they are suitable for both newly built buildings and existing facades. What is more, our solution increases the thermal insulation and energy efficiency of buildings – thanks to the innovative material mix of our modules.

Epiclay green walls as an addition to other solutions

Because of the importance of solving air pollution and urban heat islands, holistic sustainability and greening strategies are needed. Therefore, Epiclay green walls are a suitable alternative for cities where urban greening is more complicated.

For these reasons, Epiclay green walls are ideal for urban areas. Because our solution not only improves the environment and the well-being of people. It also makes buildings and cities truly liveable. 

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