Epiclay Green Walls | How Are They Constructed?

Epiclay green walls landscape

As we researched sustainable solutions for cities during the BUILD’S program – where Epiclay was founded – we stumbled across living green walls. We identified three common issues that most existing solutions have:

  1. they are too heavy because of the soil,
  2. they are too complex to install, and
  3. they are extremely expensive because the plants have to be maintained frequently. Oftentimes, the whole green wall needs to be replaced because a couple of plants died.

For these reasons, green walls are not implemented on a larger scale, yet. 

How the idea came about

That is when Mauricio – our architect who originally comes from Mexico – had the idea to use clay as a base material because certain plant species grow and survive without any soil. Instead, they absorb their nutrients from the air. This phenomenon can also be seen in the environment quite frequently as there are plants that grow on roof tiles. Nevertheless, we wanted our solution to be installed on walls, so we got inspired by vertical gardening systems. These are commonly used by gardening lovers who live in small city apartments. And that is how the Epiclay green wall solution came to life. 

Epiclay green walls are modular, lightweight, and require little maintenance. 

Our mission is to bring nature back to cities. However, in areas where little space is available, it is important to have a solution that is flexible and versatile. Thus, we developed a green wall system that is modular. That way, the size can be adapted, and they can be installed more easily in most indoor spaces and outdoor facades. Especially on tall buildings, lightweight solutions without soil are necessary to not harm the structure of the building. If some modules take damage, they can be easily replaced without having to remove the whole installation. Moreover, the plants do not have to be taken care of thoroughly. That is because we developed an irrigation system where water can be pumped to the inside of the modules, which is then stored, so no manual watering is needed. Besides, the plant species we use don’t need much water anyway.

Epiclay green walls are inspired by nature and made for nature.

Epiclay green walls are a nature-based solution because of the use of natural and sustainable materials – plants and clay. Each module can be disposed of without further harming the environment. Because of the innovative material mix, the green wall modules can be installed even without any planting and still provide benefits to the building and environment. If you want to know more about that, check out our article 5 Reasons Why Clay is a Sustainable Building Material.

All of the features above make Epiclay green walls an ideal solution for your building. Are you interested? Do you still have questions? Just contact us and let’s work out a solution together!

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