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Pretotype Epiclay

It all started at the BUILD’s program in January 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. BUILD’s (Building Urban Intelligent Living Design Solutions) is an EU-funded program that brings together students from three different universities – IAAC Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Université de Lorrain, and WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. This program was initiated to bring forth innovative and sustainable solutions that address the pressing issues of climate change. 

Six diverse experts with one vision

epiclay team
Epiclay’s first team photo in Barcelona, January 2020.

Within this program, five start-ups were created, including Epiclay. At that time, we did not have a concept yet, but the six of us came together with one aligned vision: creating a solution that truly makes a change to our city and the world. With this in mind, we used our expertise in architecture, design, biotechnology, and business to come up with a unique green wall solution. Epiclay’s green walls combine environmental impact with high aesthetic value, enhancing the worth and liveability of cities and their inhabitants.

Overcoming obstacles with our passion and drive for Epiclay

However, our journey has not been easy. We had to prove ourselves constantly among numerous international startups. Moreover, the COVID-19 crisis made prototyping and testing more difficult, given our scarce resources. On top of that, working remotely with people that had just met a couple of months ago makes communication and collaboration a lot more challenging. But what keeps us together is our passion for this project, as well as our drive to make a meaningful change. For this reason, we were able to prevail in many competitions, especially the BUILD’s Pitch Contest and the University Startup World Cup in October 2020. Most importantly, we were able to raise awareness on the urgency to fight climate change and the importance of green walls to mitigate this issue. 

Epiclay team
Epiclay in Copenhagen during the BUILD’s Accelerator Program, September 2020.

 All of that happened just in the first year since the inception of Epiclay. On January 14, we are celebrating our first anniversary, and we are excited about what will come in 2021. So, join our journey and be part of the change.

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