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Epiclay develops living green walls for outdoor façades and indoor areas.
Our vision is to create truly livable cities by enabling you to green your space. Because one green module can change you, fully greened walls can change the world.
Epiclay green wall module

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the fight for a healthier city life

Air pollution and urban heat islands are a major cause of stress, discomfort, and numerous diseases. This leads to permanent damage to your physical health and reduced mental well-being.
The urge to fight these issues is becoming more pressing every year, and decision-makers around the globe are racing to try to find the perfect solution. For this reason, six highly ambitious entrepreneurs have decided to come together and create a modular and lightweight green wall solution that can be easily implemented on existing and new walls with minimal maintenance needs.

reduce air pollution
& urban heat

Plants absorb harmful carbon emissions and the green wall modules reduce the heat. This improves the environment in your city and your home.

increase livability

Improved air quality leads to fewer health complaints, and cooled-down cities make your surroundings more pleasant. This occurs immediately after installing the Epiclay green wall.

improve health
& well-being

Numerous studies have shown that spending time in a green environment helps to reduce stress and anxiety, ultimately calming your mind and allowing you to work more effectively.

greening in a
space-efficent way

Other solutions often go at the expense of pedestrians, parking spaces, or cycling lanes. Therefore, green walls are a more efficient way to bring nature closer to you.

epiclay for you and your city

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The modularity of Epiclay's green wall solution allows as much flexibility as possible. Thus, the modules can be easily placed onto most existing and new walls.

low maintenance

The special mixtures of plants do not require frequent watering, and each module can be replaced easily, resulting in lower maintenance costs and time.

cooling effect

Epiclay’s green walls provide cooling to the building and the environment in two ways: by the plants and the modules themselves.


The design of the green wall modules is inspired by nature, and each one is carefully crafted with natural materials.


The use of natural materials makes the modules bio-receptive, which means that they can be disposed of without further harming the environment.


The plants on the green wall modules do not require soil to grow and thrive, thus minimizing the risk of contamination. This also makes Epiclay’s solution more lightweight.

the more green modules, the greater the impact

Epiclay green wall_Terrace Closeup View

bring nature back to
your city

Epiclay green walls can be installed on both existing and new buildings, as well as other public spaces. That way, the green wall modules increase the biodiversity in your neighborhood while reducing CO2 and other toxic pollutants.

Epiclay green wall modules with moss

art with an

Wherever you install the green wall modules, you feel the impact. From stress release to productivity increase to providing a unique experience for you and your guests or customers. Epiclay’s green walls and room dividers transform you and your place.

Epiclay green wall modules

discover endless

Due to the modularity, Epiclay green walls are versatile and can be installed according to your needs. Do you have a project in mind? Contact us and let us develop a solution together.

ready to make an impact?

You have a project in mind and think that Epiclay's green wall solution is ideal for it? Get in touch with us and let us work together on bringing nature back to your city.

greening cities with an ambitious team of experts

We are a transdisciplinary team of biologists, architects, and business developers with one aligned mission: Bringing nature back to your city to reduce air pollution and urban heat islands.

Christoph Hornik


“I truly believe that sustainable and social innovations have the possibility to prevent a global climate crisis – with my work at Epiclay I want to contribute to driving this change.”
Chris has substantial experience in tax advisory (i.a. Deloitte), as well as corporate innovation management (i.a. Daimler AG). He is also the founder of the social project “Impact Vouchers” and co-initiator of “Zusammen-Leiwand.at”.

Melanie Kálmán


“I love living in Vienna, and I have always been deeply fascinated by the historic and cultural impact of cities. But what is often lacking is the vibrancy and benefits of green spaces – which is what I want to change through Epiclay.”
Melanie has been working in the sphere of logistics and personal sales in an art gallery for numerous years. This allowed her to gain valuable insights into supply chains and the sales of high-priced goods. Additionally, she studies Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy.

Camille Feliciano

Head of Marketing

“I have always been passionate about innovations that make a valuable impact. Through Epiclay, I want to inspire people to partake in combating climate change.”
Camille studied marketing communication and innovation. Professionally, she focuses on digital marketing and innovation management. Furthermore, she is passionate about content creation and is a skilled photographer. Besides Epiclay, she also runs her own marketing agency.

Mary-Eve Henrotte

Head of Bioengineering

“We are increasingly experiencing the impact of climate change and pollution on health and the overall weather. I joined Epiclay to decrease these impacts and to help save the world.”
Mary-Eve has an engineering degree with a specialization in agriculture. She has thorough experience in sustainable agriculture, the development of green city solutions, and environmental sciences.

Mauricio Casian

Head of Architecture

“As an architect and designer for Epiclay, I am interested in combining our modern fabrication tools and computational design possibilities with traditional ceramic practices to make Epiclay work with nature rather than making nature work for us.”
Mauricio is an architecture student from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. He has vast experience in graphic design, architecture model construction, and fabrication.

Sumit Nemmaniwar

Head of Design

“In the age of rapid urbanization, it is very difficult to live close to nature. Through Epiclay, I want to reduce that gap between nature and humans by providing innovative solutions that will suit the urban growth they live in.” 
Sumit has been working in architecture and design for plenty of years and now holds a Master’s degree in Advanced Architecture from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. His expertise lies mainly in urban planning and climate responsive design.

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